Ghost Monster (Review) (Autor: Simon Clark)
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Ghost Monster by Simon Clark

Review by Torsten Scheib



On the surface, there’s not much more about Crowdale than being just another small-town near the British coast. But under that shell of harmlessness and doziness lies a dark core in the form of the infamous Justice Heed an his posse of insane men and women. Even now, nearly two-hundred years later, is their black shadow floating over the heads of Crowdales townsfolk, coming in the form of a creepy mosaic, that shows the face of the feared one. Local kids call it the “Ghost Monster” and dare each other to enter the haunted mausoleum, where the mosaic is kept and has become a legend.

But as with many other tales and legends, there, too is a truth lying in the centre of the tale of Justice Heed. Something that his descendants know too well. Since Justice’ death it’s their duty to watch over the mosaic – and to keep the lantern burning inside the mausoleum. If not, the consequences would be ... beyond imagination. Once, nearly thirty years ago, somebody just tried that. But the young woman paid a terrible price.

Back to the present. The brothers Ross and Scott Lowe are known as Crowdales local troublemakers. Their current goal lies straight near the coast. The team of archaeologists isn’t aware of the trouble that’s under way. Pel Minton, a young American, can escape just very scarcely from the Lowes’ attack. Her saviour appears to be Jack Heed, who lives near the site with his grandfather. Both tell Pel very soon the truth about the mausoleum and its contains, something that Pel can’t take serious. What a pity, since she started to fall in love with Jack ...

At the same time it’s Ross’ and Scotts second turn. Unseen they enter the mausoleum and steal the mosaic, just like the woman, deformed for now nearly thirty years, had wanted it: their mother.

But the triumph doesn’t last long. The magic seal’s been gone and therefore the souls of Heed and his followers can roam free. Anxious, they begin to search for new bodies – and find them in form of the unsuspecting citizens of Crowdale. What follows, is a tide made of violence, that apparently can’t be stopped by anybody or anything – even not death itself ...


Although Simon Clark has been writing horror-novels and stories continuously since one and a half decades, he’s still almost unknown in Germany. A sad thing, since Clark is an excellent writer, who’s Bram Stoker and World Fantasy-Award nominations didn’t happen for nothing. Mostly, “Ghost Monster” becomes a part of those mentioned works, but also has some flaws to show. After a really fast an well-written introduction, it’s Clarks mistake to keep that pace going. The consequence: slack. Sure, if you want a story to grow and develop, you need space – but Clark is just too generous. Even the interspersed action-sequences feel therefore a little bit displaced. It’s the last third of the book where “Ghost Monster” is taking up speed again. When the obsessed citizens are on their killing spree, it’s Simon Clark at it’s best – and his homage to the “Hammer”-movies succeeds.



Anyone, who’s in the mood for a classic horror-tale with slightly pulpish roots, should pick up “Ghost Monster”. Those, who are aware of Clarks other, mostly outstanding works, will only get a book that’s a good average.

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Ghost Monster

Autor: Simon Clark

Taschenbuch, 326 Seiten

Leisure Books, 24. November 2009

Sprache: Englisch


ISBN-10: 0843961791

ISBN-13: 978-0843961799


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